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Do you like to listen to music on the Internet? Free and without registration? Then you did the right thing to come to our site. We welcome you! On the site you can easily choose your favorite genre of music and in one click add tracks of your favorite artists to the playlist of the player. Easy one-click launch music and enjoy.

Rock MusicOn the site, every music lover can find interesting music genre. For lovers of rock music, we have made a distinction between Western classical rock and Russian rock. Western rock is represented by such famous bands as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Eagles, Europe, Gorky Park, HIM, Linkin Park, Metallica, Nazareth, Nightwish, Pink Floyd, Queen, Roxette, Scorpions and many others Western Rock Music. Since the site is designed for a Russian-speaking audience, of course the place of honor is Russian Rock which is represented by many bands that play rock music. Russian RockHere you will find such performers: 7B, Total, Agatha Christie, Aquarium, Alica, Aria with Kipelov, Bi 2, DDT, Zoo, Kino group, Crematorium, Time Machine and many other performers of this wonderful music genre.

For lovers of quiet music, we have collected soulful, soothing music. We have collected and will continue to develop a page dedicated to Relax Music.

POP MusicFor fans of popular pop music, we made a great contribution to the development of the site and also made two pages one under Western Pop Music, and another under Russian POP Music. On these pages, you will definitely find your favorite artists, and if not, write in the comments or to our mail and we will add your favorite artists.

Of course, we thought about people who like Russian chanson, thieves songs or life soul songs. On the page Russian chanson You can listen to Butyrka, Ivan Kuchin Mikhail Krug and many other performers of this genre of music.

A large number of music genres, we continue to work on adding various genres of music to our site.

Hip-Hop MusicOn the site you can find such genres as Rap music western performers eminem. And about Russian Hip-Hop we also did not forget, and you will find here performers such as Guf, Basta and Dot. If you are a fan of this genre, write about your favorite artist and we will add it to our site.

We also did not forget about the lovers of club dance music and made two genres DJ's Electronic Music и Russian DJ's.

As mentioned above, many different styles of music have been said and not to cover all of them, but we will try and work on it.

On the site you will find Jazz Music. For you, we have compiled a selection of the best jazz music.

We have not forgotten about music for children. On the page Children's Music You will find the most recognizable musical compositions from children's films of the Soviet and Russian periods, from popular cartoons and simply children's music of our childhood.

In the future, we will create pages for believers with church music. And also in order to commemorate the victims of wars and foster a patriotic spirit, we will open a page dedicated to war songs.

If you have something to say, write to us in the comments or send your requests to emails.

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